A Guide When Talking to Loved Ones with Dementia


Communicating to a loved one with dementia is not a walk in the park. There will be challenges ahead! So, know the right strategies about what to say and how you can say it. Check out these simple tips below.

  • Remove potential distractions
    When talking to a loved one with dementia, find a place without distractions, such as music and noise. Turn off any devices that may distract the conversation. Communicating with a loved one is a form of providing memory care, so make sure you do it right!
  • Speak simply and naturally
    Don’t get too overwhelmed when talking to a loved one with dementia. Speak naturally and use a calm and friendly tone of voice. Caregivers who provide dementia care in Texas know the ins and outs of communicating with dementia patients.
  • Talk about one topic at a time
    Stick to one topic at a time when speaking with a dementia patient. It may be challenging for your loved ones to keep up and juggle several threads in a conversation. Understanding how to communicate with your loved ones is the first step in providing Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio, Texas.

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