About Us

The home-like environment
of Seasons Alzheimer’s Care
and Assisted Living
is directed by Mona Talukdar.

Give your loved one a tranquil and caring environment at Seasons Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living

Enriched with a vast experience of working at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and hospice care, Mona Talukdar is a successful physical therapist since 1993. She is a dedicated professional who understands and attends to emotional as well as medical needs of patients suffering from dementia.

Her sincerity and compassion towards the Alzheimer’s patients is commendable. Her strong ability to care for these patients and cater to their needs is reflected in the way she takes up the responsibility as a director at the perfect provider of Alzheimer’s assisted living in San Antonio, Texas, Seasons Alzheimer’s Care.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that causes memory loss and inability to think and behave normally leading to problems arising in doing daily chores. It is the most common form of dementia the symptoms of which develop gradually over the time and become severe with old age. Not only the patient, but the entire family goes through the pain of suffering by seeing their loved one’s condition getting worse day by day.

Though there is no treatment as such for this medical condition, but the progressiveness of this disease can be slowed down and patients’ quality of life can be made better by gifting them with a home like caring environment at Seasons Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living.

Taking proper medical care and fulfilling emotional, physical, mental and social requirements of your loved one by following a holistic approach is the passion at Seasons. The director, Mona Talukdar holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, and is very particular to provide nutritional, wholesome and hygienic home-cooked food to the patients. Each resident is given individual attention giving priority to overall good health and well-being. Providing serene environment along with safety is the primary goal. The patients are kept engaged with interesting activities leading to normal social development and maintaining a good quality life.


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