Tips for Persuading a Parent to Move to an Assisted Living Facility in Seguin TX

Moving your parent with dementia to an assisted living facility in Seguin, TX, is a huge decision, but it may be best. There, you can ensure that your parent can receive the right care around the clock and the necessary help to slow down the disease’s progression.


Discussing this plan with your parent can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you persuade your parent to move to an assisted living facility in Seguin, TX, the right way.


Find a trusted assisted living facility  

It will be hard to persuade your parent to move to an assisted living facility if you are not convinced that it is a good place to live in. So before you bring up the topic, make sure to find a trusted facility first. Look for the one that has trained medical professionals and compassionate staff. Choose an assisted living facility in Seguin, TX, that offers comprehensive therapy and programs that specifically help boost cognitive skills and deal with behaviors related to dementia. Find a place where your parent will be encouraged to join socialization activities and pursue hobbies.


Explain the benefits  

Be sure to do this compassionately, so your parent won’t feel that you don’t want to care for him/her. They will be more likely to respond positively if you carefully explain how an assisted living in Seguin, TX, is beneficial for people with such a condition.


Listen to your parent’s concern  

If your parent rejects the plan, then ask why. Know the real reason why they don’t want to move to an assisted facility. You must understand that the fear, anxiety, and loneliness that they may feel are valid. After all, moving to somewhere new and unfamiliar is not easy. So, take note of those concerns and slowly explain why there is no reason to worry.


Visit the facility with your parent   

Let your parent look around, talk to the staff, and make personal observations. This may change you’re their preconceived ideas and misconceptions about assisted living.

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