Tips for Holiday Travel When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

When a loved one has Alzheimer’s, it does not mean that they cannot enjoy life anymore. In fact, it is advisable to keep them preoccupied with the activities and hobbies that they love to do while making sure that they are safe and comfortable. Moreover, even if they have assisted living arrangements in San Antonio TX, you can still take them with you for holiday travel. Consider the following tips to make sure that your loved one can travel safely and comfortably, and have a great time on the trip:

  • Ask about TSA PreCheck screening requirements – Get in touch with the airports that you will be using. Adults aged 75 and older will typically qualify for expedited screening. This means they will not have to remove their belts, shoes, and other belongings during security checkups. Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may qualify for special considerations, too, but be sure to notify the TSA in advance. The TSA could make arrangements to conduct the security screenings for your loved on separately with you.
  • Think of the time of day – The holiday season means bustling and crowded airports, shopping areas, and tourist attractions, all of which can be overwhelming, especially for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s. So, take note of the times of day when they are at their best and worst, and plan the travel around those moments. For instance, if they are prone to sundowning, schedule your trip accordingly, so you can finish traveling before evening.
  • Plan meaningful activities – A loved one with memory impairment may become increasingly confused, stressed, and agitated due to sudden changes in their environment and idle time. So, give them something to do. Simple tasks like flipping through your family photo album and folding swatches of fabric can make a difference in keeping them preoccupied and busy during flight delays and long drives. The caregiver from their assisted living in San Antonio TX can give you tips on what your loved one likes to do while passing the time, too.
  • Consider GPS tracking and giving them contact cards – Wandering is a common incidence in people with Alzheimer’s, but you could easily find them with a GPS tracker hidden in the soles of their shoes or in their jewelry, or provide them with contact cards, so authorities and people who are willing to help can get in touch with you in case they find your loved one.
  • Be prepared for emergencies – It pays to be prepared for an emergency, so make sure that you have all their medications and medical information. Consider getting tips from the caregiver in the assisted living facility in San Antonio TX.
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