Music and Massage Therapy for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

Music and massage therapies are considered excellent methods to ease pain and relieve stress in those experiencing Alzheimer’s progression. These therapies are effective methods that now form part of many care programs for Alzheimer’s. San Antonio TX care facilities are huge advocates for music and massage therapy as part of Alzheimer’s management. Alzheimer’s care San Antonio TX facilities believe that these kinds of alternative therapies can help improve the health and quality of life of residents experiencing dementia and its different forms.

Finding ways to enhance care for people with dementia is important to their wellbeing. Massage therapy, for instance, has been proven to have positive effects on those with Alzheimer’s and other forms and stages of dementia. Elderly people are very receptive to touch and since massage therapy is largely built upon human interaction through touch, it makes an effective treatment component for specialized Alzheimer’s care San Antonio TX.

 Massage and music therapy for people with dementia produce multiple benefits that enhance their wellbeing and quality of life. These benefits include anxiety reduction and the increase of the physical body’s alertness as flexibility and range of motion is restored through gentle massage techniques. Massage therapy and communal music therapy also eases the feeling of boredom, loneliness, as well as the isolation, often felt by those suffering from dementia. These kinds of therapies encourage them to feel more worthy of themselves as they experience outside stimulation as well as the belongingness within a community.

 For dementia and Alzhemer’s care San Antonio TX, massage and music therapy can also be great alternatives for easing some of the behavioral symptoms. Music and massage can increase relaxation and calm and at the same time decrease anxiety and stress, thus providing a well-rounded approach to the management of Alzheimer’s in assisted homes.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar