Managing the Progressiveness of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

People suffering from dementia because of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions possess a biological brain disorder that progresses and makes it difficult for them to think clearly, remember things, communicate, and even take care of themselves. More advanced stages of the disease can even cause massive mood swings or change the person’s behavior and personality. Learning how to manage the progressive nature of the condition is important for dementia care San Antonio. Below are some tips to remember when living with someone suffering from dementia:

  • Enhance the way you communicate. While we are not born knowing how to properly and effectively communicate with a person who has dementia, we can always learn and tailor our communication skills to make communicating easier. Maintain eye contact when speaking with your loved one and speak in simple sentences, without rushing their response. Present one idea at a time, be it an instruction or a question. Use cues and gestures and point to objects when necessary.
  • Encourage exercise to improve cardiovascular health and overall strength. In dementia care San Antonio TX facilities, regular exercise is highly encouraged and regularly practiced. Not only is exercise good for the physical health, it also protects the brain from the fast progression of the disease, especially when exercise is combined with healthy diet.
  • Pursue activity. Effective dementia care San Antonio should also involve regularly planned activities that the resident can and is willing to do. It is important to find activities that your loved one enjoys to lessen symptoms of isolation and depression. These activities also help you better connect with them.
  • Finally, establish routines and rituals. Routine is a fried for people with dementia, as it helps them prevent disorientation. Discourage napping and offer opportunities for as much activity during the day to ease and prevent nighttime restlessness.
Author Name : Mona Talukdar