How to Introduce Senior Living Options to Your Parents?

Not every senior parent is open to the idea of moving to a senior living facility. They may be hesitant about leaving home and saying goodbye to the memories attached to it. Others have a fear of the unknown. They have difficulty adapting to change, especially if they’re so used to a certain setting!

These challenges shouldn’t keep you from talking to your parents about the possibility of senior living. Sometimes, all you need to do is communicate. Here are a few tips to get you started with introducing then to senior living in San Antonio:

  • Start slow.

Don’t sit your parents down for a daunting conversation and drop the bomb on them without warning. As always, it’s better to plant the seed early, bringing up the idea of senior living before the need arises.

  • Do you research.

You can either do this step alone or explore different options with your patients. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a senior living community that checks all your boxes, from the services they offer to the medical assistance they can provide. If your parents resist, don’t push the subject any further and wait for better timing later.

  • Be patient.

If your parents become less open to the thought of senior living in San Antonio, maybe it’s time to wait for a teachable moment to present itself. Did they slip or fall but luckily managed to avoid a major injury? Perhaps you can label the incident as a close call, and thentransition into the conversation of assisted living.

  • Highlight the benefits.

Does your mom love to participate in activities that involve music and social interactions? Is your dad more reserved and prefers to be alone? You can mention that senior living facilities offer activities that cater to different personalities and interests, assuring your parents that living there isn’t all that bad. They will still have full independence, only this time with better care and security.

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