How Can You Keep Dementia Patients Safe?


Providing memory care in Texas has taught us that many dementia patients will have issues with personal safety. This is mainly because they have difficulty comprehending their immediate environment. Their condition also makes it hard for them to understand reality in real-time.

As we continue to become one of the best memory care facilities in our area, we want to spread awareness on how people can keep their loved ones with dementia safe. Let’s discuss some ways how they can do this.

One of the best ways to keep your loved ones safe is to supervise them closely. Close supervision is a major thing in dementia care. Through supervision, caretakers will immediately know if their seniors are in a dangerous situation. With that, it is important to always know the whereabouts of your seniors.

Also, decluttering is highly helpful for those who are experiencing forms of dementia. A cluttered living space can be full of potential dangers to dementia patients who are unable to register everything. Being organized can not only make their living space more comfortable but it can also avoid unwanted accidents.

They should also not be left alone in places like the kitchen or bathroom. These places are full of dangerous things that can cause harm. In kitchens, these pieces of equipment, appliances, and tools should only be accessed by caregivers of the home.

Lastly, it would help to have a monitoring device in their bedrooms and resting areas.

Make sure your loved ones are getting the care they deserve with us here at Seasons Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living. We offer Alzheimer’s assisted living in San Antonio, Texas, that strives to ensure your loved ones’ safety always. Call us today to learn more!

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