Top 3 Benefits of Long Term Assisted Living

If you have noticed that your senior loved one is already having difficulty doing their daily activities, it may be time to consider an assisted living facility. This type of living arrangement can be helpful especially for those with memory conditions like Alzheimer’s. Long-term assisted living w ..Read More

Tips on How to Help a Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

Assisted living may be convenient and cost-effective, especially if you have a senior family member who has dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, adjusting to assisted living in San Antonio, TX can be tough. Your loved one will have to live in a new home, which can take them some time to get used to. ..Read More

The Effect of Positive Language in Dementia Care in Assisted Living

Dementia is a progressive condition that affects memory and function. As it progresses, your loved one may frequently lose their train of thought, become withdrawn, refer to things with a different name, or repeat what they say. Communication skills may deteriorate as a result of memory loss, and yo ..Read More

Questions to Be Asked to Find the Right Memory Care Community

Memory care may be required by a loved one who is affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s. There is a handful of good memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX but not all of them are the same. It’s important to choose a reputable facility that provides person-centered care and an environment where ..Read More

In-Home Care Versus a Memory Care Facility – The Big Difference

Home care and memory care are typically used interchangeably because many people think that they are completely the same. In fact, even some service providers make this mistake, too. There are actually a few differences that you need to consider when you have to make the important decision of select ..Read More

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