Assisted Living Facility – A Tough But Necessary Decision for Loved Ones

Understanding and learning to recognize signs that your senior loved one is in need of San Antonio assisted living services is important so you can provide them with the best possible care that they deserve. While most people would love to keep an aging parent at home, there will come a time when their health needs and the demand for care will be too much for you to handle on your own, hence the need for assisted living. This said, sending an aging loved one, especially a senior parent to a San Antonio assisted living facility is never an easy decision, but there are signs that you can watch out for to help you better weigh your options.

Seniors with memory problems and cognitive decline are at greater risk of in-home accidents. When you are starting to notice frequent bruising or when your loved one has been in and out of the hospital because of minor accidents at home, it may be high time to consider assisted living to help ensure their wellbeing.

Aggression is another major sign that it’s time to seriously consider placement in a San Antonio assisted living facility for your elderly loved one. Violent, physical, or even sexual aggression, especially in those with Alzheimer’s or dementia should be met with great understanding. To avoid resentment toward a behavior that elders can’t help, it is best to bring assisted living to the table when your elderly is beginning to reach the state along with escalating care needs that are beyond your family’s abilities.

San Antonio assisted living is also an important consideration when the home is unsafe for an aging person. Assisted living facilities are very well adapted for the needs of elderly people, removing many of the obstacles that typical homes have, and making sure that there are no threats to their physical safety.

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