4 Ways to Bring Up the Need for Senior Care

Initiating a conversation about senior care with an elderly loved one can be difficult. To make this sensitive topic a little easier to talk about, you need to say things in way in that makes your senior parent or relative feel respected and honored. Here are four ways to bring the matter up gently.

1. Be direct but respectful.
Be honest and talk to your elderly loved about moving them to a senior care facility. Be real but be respectful. Make it clear that it’s not them that’s problem—it’s the situation and circumstances. Don’t make the conversation about you and don’t make them feel that they are a burden. Let your loved one know that you are doing this to improve his or her quality of life.

2. Listen.
Emotions can run high when you bring up senior care. Don’t engage; instead, put your loved one’s emotions before yours and respect their initial reaction. They are probably worried of the unknown. There is a lot of uncertainty involved in moving to an assisted living facility, after all. Show they your support by letting them express how they feel, and responding with compassion.

3. Talk about how living in a senior care facility will benefit them.
Avoid saying things like “I need a break from caring for you” even if it’s true. Statements like that will crush your elderly loved one’s self-worth. Instead, you can say something like, “You will probably like this facility because…” and then list the advantages of staying in a senior care home.

4. Get their input on what the ‘best’ senior care facility for them is.
After all, they are going to live there—not you. Ask about their preferences. They might need or want certain things that you don’t know about. Make them a part of your search process and see what amenities and communities appeal to them. Take them on tours and decide together on the perfect fit.

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