3 Tips to Finding a Qualified Assisted Living Facility in San Antonio TX

Choosing a qualified assisted living facility is an extremely important decision that will affect not only the life of your elderly loved one, but also yours. You want to leave your senior parent or spouse in the care of a compassionate nursing home—a place that you can trust to provide optimum care. Here are some tips on finding the right qualified assisted living facility in San Antonio TX.

1. Go on a tour of the facility. During the tour, observe the levels of cleanliness. Follow your nose. Do the private rooms and social areas feel clean and fresh? Look past the décor and furnishings—you want to go deep, inspecting baseboards, windows, and corners. How often is housekeeping provided for personal living spaces? What is the laundry procedure? It’s a good idea to schedule your tour when there are community events in the facility so you can watch or even participate. Don’t forget to check the safety and security amenities.

2. Pay attention to how friendly the staff is. Observe how staff members interact with current residents. Are they making eye contact and truly listening? Ask about the staffing pattern, too. You want to know how many people are actually involved in each resident’s care. If you’re interested in the facility, talk to the upper management team. They can present to you the goals and care philosophy of the facility.

3. Eat a meal there. The dining experience is crucial for elderly people who have specific nutritional needs. When visiting an assisted living facility in San Antonio TX, be sure to ask if there is a nutritionist on staff. Ask about entree choices, dining hours, procedures, and options. Have a meal with your loved one the property, so you can sample the cuisine and meet some of the current residents.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar