3 Steps to Finding the Right Nursing Home with Memory Care Units for Your Loved One

Nursing homes with memory care units have significantly grown over the past years in response to the increasing number of people with dementia. This is good news for people who are currently on the lookout for a facility for their family members suffering from the said disease. Are you in this situation? Then it’s important to assess each nursing home with a memory care unit to ensure that you are choosing the most suitable one. 


If you want to evaluate and select the right nursing home with a memory care unit for your loved one, do these steps.


  1. Check the specializations of the provider  

A memory care unit is a special type of nursing care that focuses on working with people with memory problems. They provide more than just housing options—they also give round-the-clock medical treatment and therapies to improve their residents’ quality of life. When choosing from among nursing home with memory care units, you should find out who their caregivers are. They should have professional training and experience handling people with memory problems associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. They should provide therapies and treatments that also address the underlying medical conditions of their residents. More importantly, they should be friendly, able to give kind and compassionate care. 


  1. Ask about costs 

The higher level of care and supervision in a memory care unit comes at a price. How much is the monthly charge? What will be included? Will there be extra charges?


  1. Take a tour around the facility  

To properly evaluate the facility, you have to schedule a visit. Look around the memory care units, checking out the rooms, halls, and grounds while observing all the activities. Meet with the caregivers and ask them important questions about their dementia care plans and socialization programs for the residents. If possible, interview the relatives of the residents and seek their feedback. 


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