Staying Safe in Warmer Weather When Living with Dementia

Texas typically experiences hot and humid summers. The heat can be overwhelming throughout the state, even in San Antonio. If you have a loved one with dementia living in one of the dementia care facilities in San Antonio, you can rest assured that they can be comfortable in air-conditioned areas. However, it still pays to know how you can keep your loved one safe in warm weather and consider the effects that the hot weather can have on them. Under extreme heat, elderly people with dementia in San Antonio, Texas may be more susceptible to illness and stress.

High temperatures may cause the elderly to feel ill, and some medical conditions may worsen when they are overheated. On very hot days, it may be best for them to stay indoors in an air-conditioned or well-ventilated place. Dementia care in San Antonio will ensure that your loved one is properly hydrated. As you grow older, sweat glands are unable to produce a lot of sweat as they used to, and if they do, it contains more salt. When the body lacks salt, blood pressure drops. So, it is advisable to make your loved one drink plenty of juice or water throughout the day, preferably every 15 to 20 minutes.

Residents with dementia in San Antonio, TX can stay extra cool by applying cool cloths on their face, arm, and neck. Quick showers and baths may help beat the heat, too. Avoiding heavy meals and wearing light-colored, lightweight clothing are also advisable, and watch out for mosquitoes. Applying mosquito repellent can help ward off mosquitoes and prevent them from biting, as their bites can cause illnesses like malaria and dengue fever.

If you are taking out your loved one from the dementia care facility in San Antonio, Texas, provide them with proper attire, like sunglasses to protect their eyes from the UV rays, and a wide-brimmed hat. Long sleeved shirts are advisable, as well as socks and long pants. Otherwise, consider applying mosquito or insect repellent on exposed skin, as well as sunblock, and keep them in shaded areas as much as you can.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar