Solutions for Staffing the Memory Care Facilities in San Antonio TX

Hospitals, medical care facilities, and senior homes need to follow staffing ratio regulations. The State of Texas requires one licensed caregiver for every 20 residents for every 24-hour timeframe. The best memory care facilities in San Antonio do not only fulfill this rule but even exceed it. By having high staffing ratios that far surpass the regulations of the state, they can provide better care and security for their residents.

The best memory care facilities in San Antonio TX have one caregiver for every five residents. This ensures maximum attention is given to your loved one. The high staffing ratio gives them ample time to care for each resident holistically. This entails more than just reminding them of medicine intake, food or hygiene—it also means giving them activities to engage their minds, such as simple games and tasks. Music has likewise been proven to be helpful for those with memory problems, especially for residents who have musical inclination or capabilities. A high staffing ratio allows caregivers to truly get to know the residents under their care and play music that appeal to them.

If your loved one is battling Alzheimer’s or dementia, choose a facility that specializes in these conditions. Caregivers in the facility should have the proper training, licensure and certification to be able to handle caring for people with severe memory problems, as they require specialized care.

Also, choose the facility that never holds too much residents. Ideally, the facility should have around 15 to 20 bedrooms (either private or semi-private). The fewer the residents, the better. This ensures that your loved one gets the much-needed care and specialized attention he or she needs. The facility should also be designed to be a home away from home, not a stuffy clinic.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar