Opting the Right Assisted Living Facility for Individuals with Alzheimer

Some decisions are hard to make and letting your loved seniors stay at some other place is one of them. It is hard to find and select a place that is suitable for your seniors, and it is even harder to find a place for seniors with memory issues.

Some tips are mentioned here to successfully find a facility for seniors with memory issues. Considering these factors may help you in choosing the right one.

Basics: You should see whether the facility is able to accommodate people with all possible levels of dementia or is it suited only for people with a specific level of memory issues. You should check the assessment level of the facility. Plus, know who assesses the people on their health and cognitive functioning. Do not forget to ask about the frequency of assessments, as this is a highly significant factor for the nature of care, future treatments, etc.

Layout: Check if the facility is a part of a dedicated assisted living facility or they are a care retirement community. Also, check if the memory care area is separate from other levels or it is separately organized at each level of the facility. You should check if the residents have private or shared rooms and the layout of the whole facility to understand how it is organized. Residents should not feel as if they are being held in cells. The environment has to be friendly and pleasant.

Safety: This is an important issue with seniors and you have to ensure that the facility has proper arrangements for it. Check for aspects such as type of lighting, flooring (no-slip floor surface, easy to navigate and keep clean, etc.) and security measures in the facility so that residents do not just wander off from the place.

Staff Members: You should see if the staff members are properly trained in dealing with people with specific ailments and how they handle difficult situations. It is important to know that the staff knows each resident by their name and understands their condition.

Food and Activities: You have to make sure that the current residents are enjoying their food and they are provided with their specific nutritional diets according to their food habits. Plus, there must be some kind of physical and celebration activities so that the residents live in a joyful environment, and not in a boring one.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar