Dementia Care Tips – Finding A Care Home for Your Elderlies with Dementia

Finding out that one of your elderly family member is suffering from dementia can come as a real shock. The concern one might feel for your loved one is just one part of the equation – you will now also have to deal with the realities of a condition that will only get worse with time. Worry is but a given in this scenario – after all, the patient cannot possibly be left alone to take care of themselves now. However, by following the right dementia care regime and finding the best care home for your elderly loved one with dementia, you can begin to take control of the situation. Here are a few tips to handle it all.

Taking care of an elderly with dementia
Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the first thing you must do is find out all you can about the disease because the more knowledge you have, the better care you will be able to provide to the patient. Since dementia will severely impact the sufferer’s ability to live independently, you will need to carefully think about how you can help and contribute with their daily activities. In case it is possible for the patient to live on their own for now, begin with helping them out with chores like laundry, cooking, shopping and more. But remember, do not impose your help on them or make them feel incapable in any way. Just provide support in maintaining their quality of life and independence.

Finding a care home for elderlies with dementia
In case the condition progresses to or has already reached a stage where it is not possible to manage without professional help, you will need to find the best care home for dementia patients for your elderly loved one. Following is a list of things to consider here:
• Are doctors and medical personnel present on premises at all times?
• Does the staff deal with residents in a way they like?
• Do the residents seem well-groomed and taken care of?
• Is the place clean, homely and welcoming?
• What meals are provided to residents?
• What entertainment/activity options are available for residents?
• What visitor rules do you have to follow?
• Safety and security features?
• Presence of comfort amenities, clean toilets, personal care?

You can evaluate a care home for elderlies with on the basis of the above list of questions. But don’t forget, your regular presence will make a huge difference in your loved one’s well being.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar