A New Approach to Dementia Care in Assisted Living

Dementia and its forms—including Alzheimer’s—gradually impair the memory, limit daily functioning, and interfere with a person’s thought process, making them debilitating conditions that can be difficult to deal with. Caring for someone with dementia can become a daunting daily process that may affect your own well-being and relationships with other loved ones, too. While bringing them to an assisted living facility may seem unimaginable, it can be the best way to ensure that they will receive the proper care and medical assistance, especially as the condition advances. However, leading dementia care in assisted living facilities has already taken a new approach to ensure the utmost comfort and the highest-quality care for every resident.

Assisted living facilities are unlike nursing and senior homes. Some of them specialize in caring for residents who have memory problems caused by dementia. Hence, they provide not just a safe and caring place for your loved one—they also provide a comfortable environment that feels like home. The level and quality of care are better as it is centered to the needs of clients. Hence, the staff works closely with you to deliver a custom care plan that will provide your loved one with the chance to live life as fully and as happily as possible.

A new approach to dementia care in assisted living facilities involves a method that celebrates the person your loved one has been. Their hobbies, favorite music, career, and the environment they are used to will be considered, so daily routines can be scheduled around these factors. This way, happy memories can be triggered as much as possible, and your loved one will feel more at home in the assisted living center. The approach includes different settings for nursing and rehabilitation, too, especially for residents who have special medical needs. Moreover, it maintains a small number of residents per facility, so that there is at least one caregiver for every five residents.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar