5 Common Signs that Your Loved One Needs Dementia Care and Assisted Living Facility

Home visits to elderly family members are the best time to evaluate their health, safety, and their overall quality of life as they live alone. If you’ve heard of news about multiple hospitalizations over the course of several months or even weeks, frequent injuries, and slips and falls, observing your loved one as they go about day to day life is critical so you can catch warning signs that scream about a need for assisted living and dementia care in a facility. Here are 5 common signs that you may need to seriously consider dementia care facilities in San Antonio:

  • Your loved one’s home is mal-adapted for elderly living. If there are fall hazards everywhere, their house may be a major threat to their safety. Check for unsafe stairs both indoors and outdoors, especially ones with poor lighting or that lack sturdy railings. Does any of the bathrooms present scary obstacles that may cause accidents? These seemingly simple things could signal the need to transfer them to a safer environment, be it in the form of dementia care facilities in San Antonio or a different apartment that is more suitable for their age and mobility.
  • Are they forgetting to run personal errands? If there are piles of unopened mail, notices, and/or key legal and financial documents that are being untouched, assess whether this is a temporary problem or an on-going issue.
  • Frequent traffic tickets and minor car accidents could also signal the need to consider dementia care facilities in San Antonio, especially when your loved one has always been careful with their driving. A ride-along is a good way to observe their driving behavior first hand. Those who suffer from dementia are prone to accidents due to the confusion they experience because of the condition.
  • Disconnection and isolation are also major warning signs that our loved one may need dementia care, or a brand-new support system that he or she can interact with regularly, hence reducing feelings of isolation. A dementia care facility can provide this kind of support system to your loved one.
  • Finally, observe significant changes in appearance, which may also indicate their inability to take care of daily routines such as eating right, maintaining hygiene, and taking their medications.
Author Name : Mona Talukdar