The Dementia Daze: Tips to Manage Life with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that is characterized by progressive mental deterioration that can occur due to old age. In some cases, it could manifest in middle age due to generalized brain degeneration, thus, causing premature senility. When diagnosed, it may be smart to get your affairs in order as soon as you can with an elder care attorney and discuss it with your family. You may have to consider making arrangements with one of the best memory care facilities in San Antonio, too.

The condition may cause you to experience the so-called ‘dementia daze’, which can be triggered by certain situations or feelings such as confusion. In some cases, you could spiral into that zone, lose the concept of time, and act out. Specialists in memory care facilities in San Antonio can help residents minimize or avoid the dementia daze by keeping them engaged in their daily routines as much as they can, especially in the morning and night. It can help to make a list of your routine tasks in the order on which you do them all the time, and tick them off once completed. These tasks can include brushing your teeth, getting washed, and getting dressed.

Moments of confusion and lucidity could increase as Alzheimer’s progresses, but keeping yourself preoccupied and staying as independent as possible could help slow the progression. Social activities can help, too. It is important for you and your family to know and understand the things that may cause you to be agitated or upset. Being observant is key to determining the triggers such as sudden changes in surroundings, too much noise, and arguments happening around you. Memory care facilities in San Antonio are especially designed to help minimize those triggers by providing a safe and secure haven. At the same time, you are encouraged to embrace what you can still do instead of focusing on what you cannot do anymore.

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