Points to Remember While Selecting an Assisted Living Home

When a loved one requires round-the-clock care and attention due to a degenerative or chronic condition, you can choose to care for them yourself, hire a caregiver, or consider an assisted living home. Assisted living provides a conducive environment where your loved one can maintain their quality of life while receiving person-centered care from seasoned caregivers and healthcare providers. It is particularly helpful to seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, too. However, choosing a facility requires careful thought and review. Here are points to remember to help you pick the right assisted living home:

  • Get to know the facility – Make sure it is easily accessible from your residence, so you can visit your loved one as often as possible. Consider an assisted living home that is known to provide carefully tailored care plans that are crafted according to a resident’s unique needs and condition. Some of the best homes identify the career a resident has followed, the environment they lived in, the music and hobbies they love and enjoy, and their daily routines to ensure that their daily routines are arranged in a way that will trigger happy memories and make them feel at home.
  • Check the caregiver to patient ratio – A good assisted living home provides one caregiver for every five residents. Consider checking the number of residents in the home, too, and avoid overcrowded homes that may tend to overlook the individual needs of their residents.
  • Read testimonials – Take time to look into the testimonials in the assisted living home’s website, but look up feedback from other sites, too. That way, you can verify the validity of the home’s claims.
  • Schedule a visit – Get in touch with a prospective assisted living home to arrange a tour of their facility. A visit is your chance to evaluate the service and the home for yourself, get to know the staff and professionals looking after the seniors, and determining if your loved one can be comfortable there. It is your opportunity to ask further questions to the staff about the level of care they provide, their services, and other things you may want to know.
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