Know the Difference Between Assisted Living and Assisted Living with Memory Care

Long-term senior care provides families and the aging population with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the type and level of care available to the elderly. Memory care units, assisted living facilities, and nursing care homes are fast-growing sectors, each with their own pros and cons. Assisted living services as well as those that offer memory care closely resemble each other’s model of care, although major differences also exist between them.


For instance, an aging loved one who is still active and remains sharp and vital, but may have difficulty living independently or needs a certain level of assistance with their daily activities like dressing, bathing, and eating, will do well with assisted living. However, those experiencing memory decline and some cognitive impairment are better off in assisted living facilities that also offer memory care. The latter is more equipped to handle and care for residents experiencing memory issues and reduced cognitive abilities.


Memory care units, assisted living facilities, and similar types of nursing facilities typically combine housing, healthcare, and other support services. These long-term care options are beneficial to the aging as well as their families, especially when elderlies can no longer live independently or care for themselves without some level of assistance. Personal care services within assisted living centers typically include round the clock care and supervision, medication management, transportation, and other forms of assistance that help seniors with their day to day activities. Seniors in assisted living facilities also have the option to share apartment space with other seniors or choose a private space, depending on their preferences and budget. When an aging loved one is starting to display the need for assisted living services there are plenty of long-term care options that you can explore depending on their care needs, lifestyle preferences, as well as their budget provisions.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar