Know How to Communicate with People suffering from Dementia

Dementia is a challenging condition, not only to the afflicted but also to their families and caregivers. This biological brain disorder impairs a person’s ability to think clearly, remember things, communicate, and take care or look after themselves. Additionally, dementia sufferers may experience mood swings and behavior or personality changes that could be extra difficult to deal with. Dementia San Antonio Texas experts and specialists agree that caregivers to relatives or loved ones suffering from dementia should take time to understand these changes so that they can better communicate and handle difficult behaviors that the condition brings.

One of the best ways to maintain positive interactions with those who suffer dementia is to keep upbeat and positive moods while communicating. This means expressing thoughts and feelings with a pleasant disposition, even as you communicate through body language and actions. Always approach your loved one in a respectful manner and use a tone of voice, facial expressions, and even gestures and physical contact that help convey what you want to say in a clearer manner.

Caregivers in dementia San Antonio Texas centers are skilled at facilitating good interactions and communication with their residents. Their advice when trying to speak with a person with dementia is to get the person’s full attention before speaking and give them your own as they respond. It helps limiting noise and distractions so they can focus more on the conversation. Quieter surroundings help them maintain focus and be present in the conversation.

Because communication is a two-way street, make sure that you are able to state your message clearly when speaking with a dementia sufferer. Use simple sentences and words and speak distinctly, slowly, and with a pleasant, reassuring tone instead of trying to raise your voice higher. Ask simple questions and listen not only with your ears, but also with your eyes and heart.   

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