In-Home Care Versus a Memory Care Facility – The Big Difference

Home care and memory care are typically used interchangeably because many people think that they are completely the same. In fact, even some service providers make this mistake, too. There are actually a few differences that you need to consider when you have to make the important decision of selecting in-home care or memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX. The key is to know their definitions.

For starters, ‘home care’ involves having a trained and licensed caregiver come into the senior’s home to help with daily activities or provide 24/7 one-on-one care. ‘Memory care’, meanwhile, is offered in a facility where older adults form a small community while being looked after and assisted by qualified caregivers.

Assisted living in memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX may be a good option for seniors who are affected by dementia and its forms, like Alzheimer’s. It lets seniors enjoy their day-to-day activities with minimal or full supervision while being encouraged to participate in activities, enjoy the amenities in the facility, and mingle with other residents. A good memory care facility that provides care and housing for older adults with dementia, ensuring that they can stay engaged and as active as they can in a supervised, dignified, and safe environment.

In-home care might make sense to you if need special assistance in caring for your loved one who is being affected by memory problems. However, if you are physically and mentally burdened by the responsibility, consider looking for the best memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX. Make sure that the facility offers high-quality assisted living facilities and a licensed staff, with a variety of settings (i.e. nursing and rehabilitation), comfortable semi-private and private rooms, and customized care plans. There should be a high staffing ratio, too, where there is one caregiver for every five residents.

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