How to Choose a Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One in San Antonio TX

The idea of bringing your loved one to a memory care facility can be unimaginable and devastating. But it is important to understand that someone who is struggling with Alzheimer’s will be taken care of better if he/she is in a supervised place, especially once the middle or late stages of the condition kicks in. It is also crucial that the memory care facility that you choose is fully equipped to cater to the special needs of Alzheimer’s patients.

In selecting the best memory care facility, you should be able to determine the requirements and needs of your loved one first. As much as possible, involve the patient in the decision-making process. The extent of the patient’s need for special care can be determined by things that he/she can still independently do. Can he/she still eat on his/her own? How about walk, bathe, or use the toilet?

When patients are still in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, they may still be able to accomplish mundane tasks, but it is very likely that 24-hour supervision will be needed once the condition progresses to the middle stages. More intensive care will be required in the late stages.

You may have heard about assisted living communities, too. While assisted living communities and memory care facilities offer similar amenities, memory care facilities specifically address the needs of patients who have memory problems such as Alzheimer’s. The staff of memory care facilities have to go through special training and the facility needs to meet stricter programming criteria. Make sure that the facility that you will choose has additional systems that will assure you that your loved one will be living in a safe environment.

When looking for memory care facilities in San Antonio TX, go for one that is qualified to handle the special requirements of patients with memory problems. Also check the ratio of staff-to-resident to guarantee that your loved one will get ample attention and care.


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