How Dementia Care Homes Help Your Loved Ones Thrive

Facilities offering dementia care prove that life can still be enjoyable for people who suffer from this brain disease. They give hope both to individuals with dementia and their family members—by providing the care they need to continue enjoying dignified lives. Dementia care in San Antonio, Texas, offers many ways to help your loved ones thrive, such as:


Assisting residents in day to day activities 


One of the common misconceptions about dementia care units is that residents have minimal independence because they always have caregivers doing everything. This is not the case. Dementia care in San Antonio, Texas, encourages independent living. Yes, residents get help on various activities, but they are given the option not to. The staff can assist with things they struggle to do, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. They are allowed to do things on their own—but with supervision—to ensure their safety.


Providing mental activities  


The main goal of dementia care units is to delay the advancement of the disease. One way to do that is with regular mental activities that stimulate brain cells and keep the mind sharp. With their expert physicians, the facility creates customized mental exercises for each resident based on their needs and preferences. Activities may include crossword puzzles, word searches, reading, and board games, to name a few.


Encouraging physical and social activities  


Physical and social activities can also slow down the progression of dementia. Exercising is known to boost cognitive health. But aside from that, it can also help keep your loved one in good condition and boost the immune system. Socialization is good for the brain and overall mental health. It will prevent people with dementia from isolating. To encourage interaction among residents and their families, dementia care facilities often host game nights, dinner parties, and other fun events.

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