Finding Alzheimer’s Care Facility In San Antonio

img-11When faced with a loved one who is experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia the decisions and situation can quickly become an overwhelming proposition. The progression of this condition can occur at a slow or fast rate leaving the family members to watch for signs and symptoms and try to evaluate the stages. The disease eventually takes away the patient’s ability to perform even the most basic of tasks or remember faces of family members.

The emotional and physical effects are not only devastating for the affected individual but also for those around them who are struggling to adjust and help the person. When it gets diagnosed, the initial question needs to be ‘what next?’ This question can be directed to the physician who will explain the stages and expectations and may be able to recommend resources that can help with at-home assistance or more at some point. If necessary, you will need to go online and research the information about Alzheimer’s and find facilities in San Antonio that specialize in the handling of this condition.

There are many who want to do as much as possible for their loved one for as long as possible and while this has a lower price tag it can also have a significant effect on relationships, physical condition and the patient’s ability to process what is happening. Special memory care facilities are designed to help individuals through social interaction, healthy diets, planned routines and on-site medical care. They have the resources and experience to deal with the day-to-day changes and provide an atmosphere of security and stability which are two of the greatest things that you can give to someone with Alzheimer’s.

There are some medications for this condition that can help slow the progression to a certain degree depending on how the patient’s system reacts. The challenge is not in taking up a responsibility so large that you are crushed under the weight but rather in understanding your limitations and providing your loved one with the best Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio where they will have an environment that knows exactly what they are going through.

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