Music Therapy: A Peaceful Revolution for Alzheimer’s And Dementia Patients

Music is considered the universal language of mankind and it is believed to have the power to heal. For people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it can be helpful in slowing the symptoms of memory loss. When used appropriately, music therapy may help manage stress, agitation, and mood, and encourage ..Read More

Effective and Efficient Staffing Ratio of Caregivers in An Assisted Living Facility

Certain situations may prompt you to place your loved one in an assisted living facility, especially if you will find that taking care of them will be too emotionally and physically taxing for you.  Part of the process of choosing an assisted living facility is finding out if there is enough people ..Read More

3 Super Foods for Your Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s In a Memory Care Residence

There may be no definitive cure for Alzheimer’s yet, but certain factors—most notably proper nutrition—may help slow the progression of the disease and manage the symptoms of memory loss. Professional caregivers carefully plan the diet of clients in assisted living facilities to ensure suffici ..Read More

Senior Living – An Ideal Place for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Assisted senior living centers are the ideal housing for elderly people with Alzheimer’s when living alone or independently has become impossible. In a senior living facility, residents get the constant supervision and care they need to manage their disease. Your loved one may be able to maintain ..Read More

Nursing Homes with Memory Care Units: A Wise Option for Individuals with Dementia

Caring for someone with dementia can be physically and emotionally draining for caregivers. It’s often better for the patient and the family to seek the help of a nursing home with memory care units—a facility with trained staff, programs, and specially designed amenities to provide compassionat ..Read More

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