Assisted Living with Memory Care: A Tough but Necessary Decision

The decision to move your parents to an assisted living facility with memory care is a tough one. You can’t help but let your emotions affect your choice. Should you continuously try to care for them or leave them in the hands of trained caregivers? For many adult children, just the thought of sending their parents to an assisted living facility is enough to make them feel guilty. You are not alone.


But the truth is that assisted living facilities with memory care are the best for seniors who are suffering from dementia. There, residents are surrounded by professionals who are experienced in managing the disease. The earlier your loved ones receive dementia care, the slower the progress of the condition. Research suggests that early diagnosis and interventions can minimize the decline in cognitive functions, physical function, and episodes of forgetfulness as well as depression.


So if your priority is your loved one’s health and happiness, you should not let your negative emotions torment you and get ahead of you. Focus on the many benefits that the facilities can provide.


Your worries will certainly subside if you know you have chosen the right assisted living facility with memory care for your loved one. Take your time considering your options and weighing down the pros and cons of each potential facility. Take into account different factors such as:


Proximity to your home


As much as possible, find a facility that is close to where you live. That way, your family can visit your loved one at any time.


Care plan


The best assisted living facilities with dementia care create an individualized care plan for each resident. They tailor the treatments according to the health conditions, nutritional needs, interests, and personality to ensure that they get the highest quality of care.


Caregiver-to-resident ratio


You want to make sure that your parents getenough attention and supervision from the staff. Make sure to choose a facility with a small caregiver to resident ratio.

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