Assisted Living Facilities Protect Residents with Alzheimer’s From Medical Risk in San Antonio, TX

Finding the right assisted living in San Antonio, TX can be challenginges pecially if your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You want to ensure that you’re choosing a facility that can provide a comfortable living environment while offering the best medical assistance to treat and manage the symptoms of the disease.

Among the most important factors that you must consider when evaluating assisted living facilities in San Antonio, TX is how they protect residents from medical risks. Each facility may have its own strategies, but most of them offer the following services:

Memory care unit

Assisted living facilities in San Antonio, TX that accommodate seniors with Alzheimer’s have separate memory care units. They often have dedicated floors or wings where they provide specialized care. These memory care units are secure to prevent residents from wandering. They are also designed with calming and easy to navigate features to avoid residents from getting confused.

Round-the-clock care

As the disease progresses, people with dementia tend to have a higher tendency to wander off and become more prone to accidents. To prevent these from happening, residents need round-the-clock supervision and care, which assisted living communities ensure. Their qualified caregivers will not only provide assistance when needed but also look after the residents throughout the day.

Personalized assistance

People who suffer from memory-related diseases are also prone to slipping and falling and often experience mobility problems. For residents to perform daily tasks with ease, the facility offers personal care and compassionate assistance. They can help with all kinds of tasks, including eating meals, bathing, and grooming. They can also provide companionship during socialization activities.

Bespoke memory care plan

 Since people with Alzheimer’s have varying needs, facilities have to provide bespoke care plan to ensure that health conditions and other requirements are accounted for. So aside from medication management, they also offer incontinence management, therapies, and allow continuum of care from their preferred physicians.

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