5 Medication Safety Tips for Seniors in San Antonio TX

Did you know that medication errors—from improperly administered dosages to accidental consumption—lead to over 700,000 trips to the hospital every year? As we get older, we might also need to take multiple medications, and keep a track of everything that can get complicated. Be sure to keep in mind these medication safety tips for seniors to prevent accidents.

1. Understand your medication.
Talk to your doctor and ask about exactly what those drugs do and how they should be taken. Should you take your meds on an empty stomach or with food? How frequently and how long should you take them? Can they be combined safely with your other medications? What are the side effects?

2. Make a list.
Keep a list of everything you are taking and give a copy of it to your caregiver. Write down all the medications you are currently taking, including any supplements or herbal drugs. Include important information like the brand name and generic name, dosage, and why you are taking each one.

3. Take them as prescribed.
Don’t stop just because you feel better. Don’t skip doses. Consult your doctor first before discontinuing medication or changing the dose. Remember: Any medication can quickly become dangerous if taken improperly.

4. Store them as instructed.
Keep your meds in their original containers. Store them properly according to the pharmacist’s instructions (or according to the instructions on the label). Pills typically need to be stored in a dry place and away from the reach of kids and protected from direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to keep them in a locking cupboard, a medication safe, or on a high shelf.

5. When in doubt, ask.
There is no harm in seeking help. Your doctor or pharmacist are your most valuable resources when it comes to seeking drug information.

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