Activities for Those Living with Late Stage Dementia

Dementia can affect an individual and their family in various ways. When a loved one has this condition, you might find yourself focusing on the changes happening to them, and it can be overwhelming. However, it is actually more helpful to continue identifying them as an individual with their own unique strengths, while making the most of their remaining abilities through activities that they can still do and enjoy. Dementia care facilities in San Antonio have the right environment for your loved one to continue living a dignified, independent lifestyle for as long as they still can, while being assisted by a compassionate and kind licensed staff.

The late stages of the condition will require you to be more sensitive of your loved one’s needs and make sure that they are getting the best dementia care from San Antonio memory care facilities. When planning activities, consider those that are stimulating and non-challenging, particularly the repetitive ones, which can be divided into small, easy tasks. Remember to conduct those activities with patience, respect, sensitivity, and compassion, and have realistic expectations. That way, you do not feel disheartened if your loved one does not seem engaged or motivated. In that case, you can try again later.

There are many different activities you can introduce to your loved one that needs dementia care in San Antonio Texas. These can be hand massage, exploring sensory books, or letting them play with stuffed toys. You can even let them pet or spend some time with a nice cat or a dog. At times, the simplest things, like physical contact by holding hands and brushing their hair, can already make a difference. You can also browse family photo albums with them and let them watch their favorite movies or listen to their favorite music.

Consider consulting with a team of seasoned caregivers of people with dementia in San Antonio, Texas to learn more about the best activities for your loved one with late-stage dementia. In a dementia care facility in San Antonio, TX, residents are often given activities that can trigger pleasant memories, while being supervised by a compassionate and knowledgeable caregiver. Reputable memory care facilities maintain a high staffing ratio per resident, such as one caregiver for five residents.

Author Name : Mona Talukdar