Top 5 Reasons Memory Care Facility Is Best for Elderly People

Memory loss naturally occurs as we age, but in some cases, it may be linked to dementia or one of its forms—Alzheimer’s. Elderly people who are diagnosed with the condition may fare better in a memory care facility rather than staying at home in the care of their family or a personal caregiver. Memory care can be more effective and helpful to the elderly when it is customized to their unique needs. Here are five reasons why this type of setting may be best for an elderly loved one:


  • Cognitive care – Brain exercises will keep their brains active and make sure that they are not bored. In a memory care facility, elderly people can still perform the activities and enjoy the hobbies and games they love or consider fun to help delay the progression of dementia.


  • Security – Alzheimer’s could make an elderly person feel disoriented and confused, causing them to wander off, especially if they are in your home where they can easily navigate around the doors and locks. Memory care facilities are equipped with secure units and come with round-the-clock security to prevent wandering. The elderly will be supervised by a qualified staff with every activity, too, including bathing, so you do not have to worry about accidents.


  • Social support – Seniors can still socialize and interact with others and the staff, which is made up of sympathetic and licensed healthcare providers and caregivers who are capable of supporting residents. A good memory care facility has one caregiver for every five residents, and it maintains a small population to ensure personalized attention for every elderly under its care.


  • Personal care – The staff can assist the elderly with their personal hygiene, good grooming, and self-care, especially if the person is already unable to move properly on his or her own


  • An environment that is conducive for memory care – High-quality facilities in San Antonio are well-equipped and designed for the elderly who require specialized memory care. There are lovely outdoor paths, spacious dining areas, high-end medical facilities, and a selection of comfortable semi-private and private rooms
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