Signs Your Aging Loved One May Need Alzheimer’s Care in San Antonio, Texas

 If a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in San Antonio, Texas, it might be time to look for a memory care facility. Sadly, staying at home is often not the best choice for people who suffer from memory impairment.


Memory care units that specialize in treating Alzheimer’s in San Antonio, Texas, make the condition less daunting for residents by providing the necessary care. They are experienced in managing the disease and handling behavioral issues related to Alzheimer’s. In short, they are better equipped and trained to take care of your loved one round the clock—something that can be very hard to do at home.


Many people are late to realize this. They wait too long before deciding to move their loved ones to memory care for Alzheimer’s in San Antonio, Texas. But when the disease has progressed, it becomes even more difficult to manage. That’s why it is always advised to transition individuals from home into memory care as early as possible.


Considering Alzheimer’s care for your loved one? Here are signs that it may be the right time.


  • Caregiver stress – Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is challenging, especially during the mid to later memory loss stages. You have to be there 24/7 because your loved one may wander around and get lost. When you are burned out because you have too many responsibilities, perhaps it’s time to consider Alzheimer’s care.


  • A decline in health – Memory loss can put people at serious risk. They can get lost, forget to switch off the stove, overtake their medications, and neglect personal hygiene. All these can have adverse effects on the overall health and safety of your loved one and family.


  • Isolation – Having little to no social life can accelerate the condition of your loved one. If he/she tends to stay in the room and watch TV all day long without social interactions, then the disease is more likely to progress fast. Your loved one will be better off living at a memory care facility where he/she can participate in social activities.


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